Corporate Insurance Planning

“Exit Planning”

Do you have a Succession Plan?  Guarantee that your business survives you.   Provide guaranteed tax-free cash to ensure the purchase or intergenerational transfer of your business upon your death, critical illness or long term disability.

Who is on your Transition Team? I will work with your other professional advisors (lawyer, accountant) to ensure your plans are fulfilled.

  • Key Person Insurance
    • Tax-free income upon the loss of a key employee / owner
  • Partnership Insurance
    • Tax-free cash to guarantee the purchase of a partner’s share of the business according to their partnership agreement
  • Succession Planning
    • There are 3 paths to choose when planning for the succession of your business.  We will explore each path.
  • Estate Freeze Funding
    • Providing tax-free income to settle the deferred capital gains taxes as determined by your estate freeze planning documents
  • Estate Equalization
    • Balancing the distribution of your estate’s value in a fair and equitable manner among your beneficiaries
  • Collateral Insurance

    • Tax-deductible securitization of your business loans