How I am paid


How do I get paid, and what services do I provide that deserves compensation?

On your behalf I guide you through the discovery process, getting to know you, your goals and objectives.  I then provide ongoing active advice, wealth and estate planning, portfolio management with constant review, administration and due diligence in selecting the best solutions.

I also attend courses, seminars and educational conferences on your behalf to learn and stay up to date on critical financial and estate planning advice.

Our firm does not separately charge fees for financial planning advice or for the plans created as an integral component of my service. We do, however, ultimately receive compensation earned from investment funds and insurance related products.

For segregated funds and life insurance related products, I am compensated via my managing general agent IDC Worldsource Insurance Network. IDCWIN receives a “commission” from insurance firms you and I choose to include in your portfolio. I receive a portion of that compensation.

By way of a ‘Referral Arrangement’, I am compensated directly via a portion of the management fee when dealing with private portfolio managers such as Guardian Capital Advisors.

As an important component of “The Campbell Financial Advisors Advantage”, we do not lock your investments into long term Deferred Sales Charge (DSC) schedules.

I am committed to offering the most cost-effective planning choices including investment firms having tiered fee structures, and delivering maximum value through the advice we provide.

All investment fund purchase options and compensation structures will be disclosed prior to implementation of any plan(s).

A word about “management fees”.  Investments come with management fees or MER’s as they are known.  These ‘fees’ include substantial “Regulator” induced costs and overhead that investment firms must adhere to and absorb.  The investment firms themselves, charge fees to enable them to provide the services of careful stewardship to the management of client portfolios.  This includes portfolio managers, operating expenses and sales taxes. The advisor’s portion is a small component of the MER.