Our Client Profile

Our clients are successful individuals seeking;

1) investment planning advice with a minimum of $350,000 of investable family assets

2) estate & insurance planning advice

Folks who take responsibility for their financial well being. They make achieving and preserving financial independence a priority. They allocate reasonable and meaningful resources to ensure their financial security.

They also recognize the value of financial advice and want to work with an independent financial planner.

If you are concerned about planning in the event that you:

  1. Out live your investments (Retirement Income Planning)
  2. Pass Away (Estate & Insurance Planning)
  3. Become Disabled or Critically Ill (Income Replacement Planning)

then be assured, that working with Campbell Financial Advisors, you are a valued member of a select group of clients.

Other advisors may only focus on or offer basic product selection. Our advanced process takes it to much higher level. It is not for everyone.

We are honoured to be your advisor of choice!

To learn more about “The Campbell Financial Advisors Advantage”,

Let’s talk… over a coffee or tea and explore how we can help you. Your time will be well invested!