Leaving a Legacy / Charitable Giving

Helping you help others through “Leaving a Legacy” planning.

What are your philantrophic passions and how would you like to plan your affairs to pursue them? 

Charitable bequests may be made via your will, life insurance policies, private foundations and donor-advised funds at a community foundation or via charitable remainder trusts.

For those looking to make a substantial donation, ensure your charitable work continues through an enduring, personal / family foundation account.  Focus on Giving, not Administration.

The 2015 federal budget allows individuals who’ve sold Canadian real estate or private company shares, to make a donation to a charity within 30 days of the sale.  Thereby avoiding capital gains tax on the portion of the money donated to the charity.

Bear in mind that with a bequest, one can only reduce taxes for the donor’s income in the preceding two (2) years.  You should explore multiple donations to offset taxes over several years.

On your behalf I have developed a strategic alliance with Canada Gives, a leading charitable giving firm in Canada.  “Make Your Legacy Count”