Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Maximize the Value of Your Estate

Is multi-generational wealth transfer important to you and your family? What percentage of your estate do you want Canada Revenue Agency to keep? Do you realize that Canada Revenue will be a partner in your estate (business, cottage, real estate, RRSP’s, RRIF’s and other assets) upon your passing?

Where will the money come from to pay Canada Revenue? Do you want to be forced to liquidate your hard earned assets just to pay taxes?

Are there alternatives?

Together we will implement tax effective strategies to ensure that your estate’s value is maximized and is distributed according to your wishes. I will work with your other professional advisors (lawyer, accountant, trust officer) as part of an integrated team.

BTW, 56% of Canadians do not have an up to date will! Nor do they have current Powers of Attorney for Health Care nor for Property. Please ensure you have all 3 documents currently dated and reflective of your wishes.

Let’s talk…

  • Wealth Transfer
    • Ensuring your estate is transferred in the most cost-effective manner
  • Estate Equalization
    • Balancing the distribution of your estate’s value in a fair and equitable manner
  • Estate Planning Life Insurance
    • Tax-free income to settle your estate’s affairs