Peace of Mind Investing

“90% of Canadians working with an independent advisor are more confident about their retirement.

Just as surgeons do not operate on themselves, wealthy people usually do not invest their own money.  They have investment professionals manage their money for them.

I bring specialized experts together on your behalf, to create diversified, personalized strategies for investment and estate planning.

We provide clients with a Pension Style approach, benefitting you with our focus on managing risk and capital preservation. Helping you maximize and secure your hard earned investments with a comprehensive, diversified investment strategy.

Campbell Financial Advisors provides:

  •  Customized Wealth Solutions for personal and corporate clients having investable family assets of $1,000,000 or more.  Together, we interact directly with the portfolio management team.
  • Active Portfolio Programs ideally suited for clients having $350,000 or more of investable family assets, providing personal portfolio manager consultation.

Strength in providing pension and institutional money management, consistent monitoring of global economies and the current investment landscape, benefits you in knowing your hard earned investments are well taken care of.